• Renaldo Wilson

Town Highlight: Murrieta

Murrieta is in the heart of Riverside county nestled at the foothills of the beautiful mountain ranges. In the town of 200,00 people, Murrieta is a cozy Southern California town that is close enough to the beach, big city yet it allows its residence to enjoy its country and small town feel.

Murrieta is home to some of the finest wineries in Southern California. Along with the wineries being spread out throughout Southern California's open lands, they are home to Winery resorts. What is better than enjoying the amazing foods of Wineries, luxuries of a resort and the weather of So Cal?

There are many family friendly activities to do in Murrieta from the local hiking spots to fishing to finding the local gems. Sugar Plumfarm is home to a local farm of exotic animals. Who knew you could pet a zebra and camel all in one day? Looking for local Hot Springs? Enjoy Murrieta Hot Springs and a day of relaxation.

Murrieta is rated as some of the stop schools in Southern California for Elementary all the way to High School. This gem of a town has affordable housing, great schools, close to shopping conveniences, feel of a small town, unique downtown and just a short drive to the beach. Enjoy your So Cal town of Murrieta with amazing amenities.

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