• Renaldo Wilson

Town Highlight: Menifee

I am personally biased to Menifee, as this is my current town but wait there are so many AMAZING things about my town. Menifee is located in Riverside County (lower taxes vs San Diego County) and is centrally located in the heart of Southern California. It is home to about 90,000 residence.

Menifee enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate year-round and provides convenient access to Lake Elsinore, Diamond Valley Lake, and significant wilderness areas and reserves in the southern Los Angeles region. There are many family friendly activities to do in Menifee from outdoor hiking to the Drop Zone Water park open to the public.

Menifee is opening their doors to a new high school Liberty High School in the fall of 2021. According to Menifee 24/7, "The Special Education department will also be given the same attention to detail and opportunity. The classrooms will be furnished with kitchens and other household environments in order to teach life skills that will promote independence and confidence. Aside from the impressive academic setting of the campus, Liberty High is mapped out to be outstandingly uniting, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Within each area of the SLC’s, students will find a large Student Collaboration Area equipped with soft seating, mobile white boards, interactive displays, and counseling offices." To read more about Liberty High School click here.

Menifee has very affordable housing and still very close to all of your major stores and attractions. Menifee is about 15 miles from Temecula, 45 minutes from Camp Pendleton, little over an hour to Big Bear Mountain and 45 minutes to the Beach. It is very close to Lake Elsinore and Diamond Valley Lake for water activities.

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