• Renaldo Wilson

4 Fall Maintenance Tips

It is almost November Rainy season in So Cal! Are you ready?

Here are 4 Fall Maintenance Tips to get ready for the Rainy season:

1. Check your roof & gutters (if you have them). Fix any shingles that are loose or broken. Place plastic on your roof if need be BEFORE a downpour happens.

2. Window and Door seals. Check and reseal any windows to help keep heat in your home. Any cracks under outside facing doors can be fixed with a simple door seal from Lowes.

3. Heating System. Change your furnace filter (even if you think you hardly use it), it is probably dirtier than you think. Schedule a furnace tune-up. Remember regular maintenance on your big-ticket items allows them to last longer.

4. Landscaping. Trim dead limbs and trees that can fall over during heavy storms. Put new mulch down, to keep your plants and trees healthy and warm. Plant your winter lawn.

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