• Renaldo Wilson

18 Projects to Get Done Before the Holidays

Holiday's are around the corner. There are a few things to check off to make sure your Holiday's are stress free.

  1. Check Dining Room Chairs: make sure they are tightened up

  2. Fireplace ready for use?

  3. Check & clean the oven

  4. Stock the bathroom

  5. Check and buy extra glassware, plates, silverware

  6. Clear the clutter

  7. Clean the fridge

  8. Fix leaky toilets' and faucet's

  9. Deodorize the sofa

  10. Clean blinds & wash the curtains

  11. Refinish Embarrassingly Rough Floors

  12. Get the guest bedroom ready

  13. Build a Bigger Table (Build an add on to your table if you are having quite a few guests)

  14. Replace Upholstery

  15. Stop Dirt and Dust at the Door: snag a boot scraper and new doormat to help keep the dirt down

  16. Deep Clean Rugs and Carpeting

  17. Pretty Up Your Pantry

  18. Buy Some Food Early and Keep it Organized

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