My Journey


"I started my journey out in Real Estate with my first home at a young age while enlisted in the Marine Corps. I quickly realized I could help many people achieve their goals and realize how they could invest in real estate as well. I watched as many of my fellow co-workers wasted their housing allowance on rent or base housing when they could have been investing in their own home with a money return at the end.

Welcome to Southern California

I have lived in Southern California for 14 years with my beautiful wife and 2 amazing children. We have all fallen in love with Southern California and explored what it has to offer.   

2 years ago,  I decided to take the next step in helping other invest in their future. I became a Realtor and shortly after I decided to become a Mortgage Loan Originator to give my clients the best options possible. I was tired of hearing about my co-workers being taken advantage of by others within the industry and decided to make a change. 

I have made it my passion and drive to serve my community, ensuring they receive the best possible services and treatment. My favorite quote I get to say to my clients is " You have been funded!"